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7th Grader's Award-Winning Photo Competes at State

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Congratulations to 7th grader Catherine Osborne for her achievements with her PTSA Reflections project. Catherine did a Photography category project for the 2014-2015 theme, The World Would be a Better Place If… Catherine enjoys photography as a hobby, particularly nature photography. She took a picture of a bee for her Reflections project.  

After receiving an Award of Excellent at Albion, Catherine’s project received an Award of Excellence at the PTA Region 17 level and moved on to competition at the State level. Her project did not win an award at the State competition, however, her artwork is now on display at The Leonardo in an exhibit called Spark, which is highlighting all of the projects that made it to the State level of Reflections. This exhibit is open to the public through the end of August.

It’s not too early to start thinking about a project for the 2015-2016 school year. The Reflections theme will be Let Your Imagination Fly.

Catherine Osborn Reflections PhotoCatherine O Reflections Winner

April 2nd Debate Tournament Results

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Albion’s debate season is still going great! These are the results from the April 2nd tournament at Midvale Middle. While this seems like a lot of awards, it’s actually only the top 20% of the MANY debaters that competed. A huge congratulations to all the winners!

Policy Debate (all of these students qualified for the state tournament): 5th Place- Noah Walker and Alex Duncan, 7th Place- Shelby Talbot and Reagan Sieger (Shelby also won a 2nd place speaker award), 9th Place- Declan Gleason and Kathryn Weaver, 12th Place- Brooklyn Stromberg and Mackayla Dotson, Place TBD (due to a mistake)- Anna Curtis and Tate Silcox

Lincoln-Douglas Debate (also qualified for state tournament): 11th Place- Shah Khan

Extemporaneous Speaking: 1st Place- Ethan Rajagopal Switzer, 3rd Place- Meghan Hawkesworth

Oratory Speaking: 1st Place- Stephanie Triptow, 3rd Place- Kelsey Hagman, 5th Place- Jensen Judkins

Impromptu Speaking: 1st Place- Stephanie Triptow, 2nd Place- Meghan Hawkesworth, 4th Place- Jensen Judkins, 7th Place- Ethan Rajagopal Switzer

debate tournament 4 21 15

The Finals--Battle of the Books!

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You can access The Finals voting form here. 

Harry Potter and Hunger Games are in the finals!  Voting ends at 11:59 p.m. on Tuesday, April 21st.

The leaders after the Final Four in the student bracket are Annie Edmunds (46 points), Maddy Jensen and Scott Novak (44 points), Aria Felix and Ashley Seamons (43 points).    Ms. Brown is the leading teacher after the Final Four with 42 points followed by Ms. Coates with 41 points and Ms. Perkins with 40 points.

Albion's Debate Team Rocks March Tournament

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The most recent debate tournament that Albion’s debate team attended was split into two nights. The first tournament for Policy and Lincoln-Douglas debaters was on March 11th at Butler Middle. The second tournament for Oratory, Extemporaneous, and Impromptu speakers was on March 12th at Albion. While this seems like a lot of awards, it’s actually only the top 20% of the MANY debaters that competed. A huge congratulations to all the winners!

Policy Debate: 1st Place- Shebly Talbot and Reagan Seager, 2nd Place- Declan Gleason and Kathryn Weaver, 3rd Place- Brooklyn Stromberg (speaker award)

Lincoln-Douglas Debate: 4th Place- Spencer Fackrell (speaker award)

Extemporaneous Speaking: 2nd Place- Declan Gleason, 3rd Place- Rebecca Urban, 4th Place- Alex Salt, 6th Place- Redd Owen

Oratory Speaking: 1st Place- Stephanie Triptow, 5th Place- Jensen Judkins, 6th Place- Sydney Prather, 8th Place- tie between Aislinn Mitcham and Kaylee Lecheminant, 11th Place- Carter Jones

Impromptu Speaking: 1st Place- Kaylee Lecheminant, 4th Place- tie between Sydney Prather and Kyla Hoster, 6th Place- Brooklyn Stromberg, 7th Place- Ann Day, 9th Place- Meghan Hawkesworth

Congratulations to all our debate students. Thank you for consistently representing Albion so well!

Debate Winners 3 2015